How I run 50+ apps on Umbrel Community Store

How I run 50+ apps on Umbrel Community Store

In this, I will talk about how I got to know Umbrel a cool open-source project, and fell in love with it and since then I have spent countless hours just playing with it.

First Contact

So I got to know about Umbrel back in September-2022. I was just finishing my internship with Summer of Bitcoin'22 and I used Umbrel and instantly fell in love with everything it was offering the UI/UX, the functionality, the use-case, the developers, literally everything. I went to their website and saw if they were hiring but they were not looking to hire at that time. I liked the software and wanted to work with them but they were not hiring so I kind of felt sad and went on in life. I joined their community and started being a problem-solver for the community members.

The Shinning Light

After 2-3 months one of the devs posted on Discord about Umbrel that they were looking to hire and I just felt excited and went ahead and applied that same day. I got an email for the founder of the. Umbrel for an Intro meeting. We had a meeting after 2-3 days. The meeting was great and up until that point I haven't contributed to the Umbrel codebase. I was asked by the founder what's my favorite app and he asked me to try to publish that app in the Umbrel app store. I was scared a bit but said yeah I will try it. I was given 2-weeks time for this task. I tried and couldn't do it and sadly gave up after 2 weeks. But the next week I got a spark and tried again and Voila!!! I got the app up and running in the Umbrel app store and opened a PR. But I was not selected for the position due to my lack of experience in Docker which was fair I believe.

The Tipping point

I was not disappointed by the rejection but was excited after the feeling that I had after seeing the app that I love and use running on my Umbrel and that's what I think was the moment that I took the initiative to publish each app that I like and have used on the Umbrel app store.

Since then I have published close to 50 apps(not accurate) on the apps store. Some PRs have to be merged but you can find them on my Community app store.

The Road ahead

Well, I do like Umbrel and eventually want to work with them Full-time. They have openings and I have applied for my dream role i.e. "Repo Maintainer" as I believe that will be the role for me as I like cleaning out the clutter from the Repo and helping the community better. But I am a generalist so I will be wearing multiple hats on the role as well. Let's hope for the best.


Thanks for Reading guys. Will update you on the result of the application.

Link to community app-store -

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