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Hello World!

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This is my first ever post. I have been trying to start a blog for weeks until I stumbled upon HashNode while doing my usual lecture on Kunal's DevOps Bootcamp. In the intro, he showcased his blog and it looked kinda cool. So I searched and then found about this site which I would say frankly I was totally unaware of, but after getting my hands on it and getting to know it, I felt it's a blessing in disguise that I found this site, because it is exactly what I was searching for in the past.

First I tried to set up a Wordpress site in AWS and then thought of setting up a blog website using Elementor PRO. Yes, I was ready to spend up to 1000INR a month just to have a nice and working blog just to document my journey and I was willing to pay that price for that.

But after getting to know about this site I was so amazed and realized its potential, I am grateful that I stumbled upon it. So this is my first ever blog ever but I will be writing something interesting(or not so interesting) every day.

I read a lot of Paul Graham's stuff and I am thinking about achieving that eventually.