DevOps Engineer in 6 months!!!

DevOps Engineer in 6 months!!!


I came across this video from Saiyam Pathak where he assures me that I can be a DevOps Engineer and/ or at least can get a role as one in just 6 months.

Well, I watched this on January'22 but didn't give much attention to it at that time. Now I think I should get started with it. Will share my thoughts and expectations in this article.



Seems like a lot of work to be put that too in 6 months. I am a software engineer. I have programming experience but I am not familiar with K8s, so this will be my first time learning it.

giphy (16).gif All looks good though. CI/CD pipelines sound scary to me. Will see how it turns out.

Study Materials

So when I was going through the repo of this course my mind was shooked by seeing the number of resources he had listed. I felt like quitting. Then I came across this Workshop where Saiyam & Team themselves thought of making a course where they will help people like me who are overwhelmed by seeing the resources.


I am starting this course on 12-Nov-22 so the target date is 12-April-23 in my case. Being on the safer side I will keep May/June-23 as my target month. Will be writing blogs and sharing on Twitter to keep a check on my progress as well.

My Expectations

Well, I really have very high hopes for myself. I want to put in the work. I really wanted to learn about K8s & Automation, a long time ago, so this will be great for me even if it turns out not as I want it to.

For me at least I will learn something and use my time wisely for these 6-8 months.


My Routine will be as follows:

  • 1.5 hours on weekdays (Mon-Fri)
  • 6 hours on weekends (Sat-Sun)(Yeah, too optimistic!)
  • Daily Progress update on the GitHub repo
  • Weekly Progress Blogs


giphy (15).gif

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