A Glimpse Inside Summer of Bitcoin

A Glimpse Inside Summer of Bitcoin


As it sounds synonymous with the program's name itself that is much like the intense coding internship that Google Sponsors with Summer of Code each year. Let's talk more about Summer of Bitcoin which in my view is much more exciting than Summer of Code as we are learning about this revolutionary Blockchain technology.

What is SoB?

So let me clarify it with the presentation slide that was shown in the intro week. It's very cool that they mentioned this because at the start I too had different expectations but now that they clarified it I am super pumped up for the rest of the journey ahead.


So overall we can say that it is a 12-week long Bitcoin Internship Program.

Why SoB?

Let's try and understand why Summer of Bitcoin is even necessary. We can simply put the idea below:


Now it's not wrong to say that as we have facts to verify this :


Ok If anyone's feelings got hurt my sincere apologies but yeah Bitcoin is what it is and there are very fewer people who know what is going around it. I myself am into Ethereum but never dared to play with Bitcoin before April '22. Why? I think because I was scared, I mean who wants to play with Gold & Fire at the same time? Like literally Bitcoin is like gold that is on fire since its inception.

& there are just many more interesting facts like these.

Ok enough of the bragging about Bitcoin. Now coming to the main point SoB is trying to solve. In my view, they are just trying to increase the level of literacy around Bitcoin among students in general. It's good to know the facts & news about Bitcoin but it is such a great thing that is invented by some unknown guy who has the potential to change the world of finance literally. We have already seen some of its boom in the last decade but trust me it's just the tip of the iceberg and there's plenty more to come.

Bird's Eye View of the SoB Programme


In the program various Organisation which uses Bitcoin as their backbone take part. As their codebase is open source and a third person can provide an immensely valuable viewpoint to the existing project which results in:

  • suggesting major feature upgrades or
  • working on existing issues
  • doing code reviews
  • fixing a bug
  • etc. (you name it).

Perks & Benefits

Well, let me tell you a secret. You all probably know about Summer of Code because Google sponsors it right? Well, Summer of Bitcoin also has sponsors.


Ok seems fine to me. What's the secret to this? Every program has sponsors. Well, the secret here is that the Principal sponsor Spiral is a company owned by none other than Mr. Jack Dorsey, the man & the legend himself. Not many people know about this but I knew because I am a huge fan of theirs and for me, it was the single biggest reason to religiously apply for the program.

Apart from this, the main perks are:

  • They teach you inside out about the Bitcoin Technology
  • Lifetime Access to the super helpful Community(even if you didn't get selected)
  • Stipend(on successful completion of the program)
  • Personal Mentors which will guide you throughout the summer.
  • PPO for students performing exceptionally well
  • & many more.


In my opinion, it is the best program out there that teaches you about Bitcoin technology and in turn pays you to learn about it. Ha Ha, funny but it does more than just paying and teaching about Bitcoin. It is making us ready for the revolution that is going to come.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the team at Summer of Bitcoin for giving me this opportunity. I would especially like to thank my Mentor Matthew Zipkin at the Bcoin organization for which I wrote my proposal which got me selected. I would also request Mr. Jack Dorsey to spare a few minutes of his time to do a meet & greet during the program(that will just be Awesome!!!)


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