“How is Flexiple different from companies like Upwork, and Fiverr?”

“How is Flexiple different from companies like Upwork, and Fiverr?”

We all go to the mall. Why? Because we get to buy all the stuff(in general) under one same roof. We roam around the mall, search for items as per our needs, pay, and head back to our home.

But isn’t visiting shopping malls nowadays is tedious. When we have the luxury of getting delivery at our doorstep on possibly everything, why step outside the comfort of our house.

Thanks to E-commerce websites like Amazon & Flipkart for this.

Now let us suppose we take this model and apply the following changes:

  • Change Buying to Hiring
  • Change items to Freelancers

What do we get? We get Upwork & Fiverr i.e. E-Shopping mall to hire freelancers as per our needs and wants(in general).

You have got the gist of what actually we are talking about when we are talking about Fiverr or Upwork. So what does “Flexiple” do differently than these?

Before coming to that let’s talk about why Flexiple does what it does?

Making software and constructing a building are very similar tasks, you have to have a plan, have a good architecture, have a blueprint, etc. except a major difference is that you can see the progress of a construction site taking place with your own eyes, but in case of software that is rarely the case. Software isn’t something that you can touch and feel unless it is fully deployed or an MVP is made.

Many of the times the client doesn't even know what exactly he/she wants in their software. If someone doesn’t know what to look for in a shopping mall, how will they buy that thing? (strange isn’t it!!!). The same goes for hiring someone for building your dream project, you(the client) just have an idea about your dream project that you want to get built. You don’t have the idea about the right tools to make your project work. Well in theory you don’t even have to have any clue. (If you want to eat a pizza it isn’t necessary to have knowledge about how to make pizza dough or the sauce. You just want a good pizza.) So the strange thing while using the Upwork & Fiverr site is that “

  1. how to hire a developer based on their skills if the client has no idea what skills are required for their particular software. &
  2. Anyone can have a great software project idea even people from non-coding backgrounds”

Just like using specific flour results in the best-risen dough after a day or two, using particular tech-stack results in good software in much less time compared to others.

This is where “Flexiple” comes in. Let’s take the Pizza Analogy.

  • Your software idea is the pizza.
  • The freelancer is the chef and
  • Fiverr & Upwork are Kitchens with a lot of Chefs.

You can select a chef as per your liking based on their past performance and the chef’s specialty to make your pizza. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of chefs to choose from and the one you ( i.e. the client) thought was perfect may not be perfect at all. The parameters of past performance and chef’s specialty should not be the client’s concerns here. The pizza/software should be the main concern.

“What tech stack to choose from? How do you select freelancers?” It’s not necessary for the client to know all these. They just have to have a good idea about their pizza/software product.

This is where Flexiple comes to the rescue. Flexiple helps in selecting the best chef for your Pizza.

The main advantage of having too many choices of chefs/freelancers for one job turns out to be the main pain point for the client, which is exactly what Flexiple as a company is trying to solve and has been successfully doing.

To summarize, Freelancers can be hired from Upwork or Fiverr or even from social media as well. But the due diligence has to be done by the client beforehand and then you have to hire someone for the job which may turn out to be a wrong decision. Flexiple solves this issue by doing the due diligence and providing the necessary guidance while hiring the perfect freelancer for your particular project.

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